4 Key Tips For Time Management On Social Media – Pt. 2

Time Managment on Social Media

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Tip #2: Repurpose Your Content and Rotate It on All Your Social Media Accounts

What does repurposing mean? Well, all it means is that you are taking content in one form and changing it into a form preferred by a social media platform.

Your main content to begin with are your blog posts. Again, your blog is ground zero for your online branding activities. Post your content on your blog then you can change the shape or repurpose that content for publication on many different social media platforms.

For example, you can take a blog post and strip it into small bite-sized questions or bite-sized answers or comments and add hashtags. You then post this content on Twitter. You can also take your blog content and turn them into infographics. In other words, turn them into pictures. You then upload those pictures and tag them on Pinterest.

Similarly, you can take your content and create catchy headlines and create an eye catching photo. You then put this content on your Facebook page. The idea is that the photo is so provocative and so eye catching that people can’t help but click the “share” button on Facebook once they see your update appear on their timeline.

You can also create shocking teasers for your blog links and match it with captivating niche specific photos. You then hire a virtual assistant or you yourself would post materials on Facebook groups that cater to the same niche you’re targeting.

Finally, you can turn your blog posts into slide shows and write custom teasers or descriptions and then post them on YouTube. These techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. There are actually tons of social media platforms out there with different formats.

There’s just so many ways you can repurpose your content, but it should be obvious to you what the strategy here is. You work only once, but you benefit from that work many times over by simply changing the form of the content you produced.

Tip #3: Schedule Your Content For Effective Coverage

I’ve got some bad news for you. Whether you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you probably already know that your followers or fans are not always there. People do have lives, you know? So how can you fix this problem? Very simple. Schedule your content for publication many times during the day.

Now, don’t get crazy. Don’t publish the same content over and over again. That is a sure recipe for disaster. Your fan base would feel that you’re spamming them. They might feel that you really have no original content, and guess what? They’re not going to pay attention to the content that you’re sharing. Maybe they are too lazy to unlike your page, but the damage is done. They’re just not going to read your stuff.

The solution here is very simple. You need to use tools like MassPlanner or other automated publication tools that will help you publish on a scheduled basis to Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms.

The secret here is to mix in high quality third party content. In other words, you’re curating content. Make sure that this material is high quality and is specific to your niche. Mix this into your own content and rotate your content.

Don’t just publish the same content every single day. Come up with enough original content of your own and spread them out and mix them in with high quality third party content. This way, when your followers see your updates, it’s not obvious to them that you’re actually just recycling your content. When they look at your Twitter feed or your timeline, they feel that you’re publishing fresh stuff.

Make sure that you’re always publishing throughout the day. Automated tools will help you do this, but the key is to publish consistently and constantly, so you have a shot at grabbing eyeballs regardless of when they log on to Twitter, Facebook or wherever else.

Tip #4: Use Your Blog to Cross Pollinate Your Social Media Presence

I know, I know, the phrase “cross pollinate” seems a little bit highfalutin and too fancy, but really, all it boils down to is to call to action the readers on your blog post to check other media on social media.

When people read your content, invite them to read your content on other social media platforms they may be on. When you do this, you manage to build a brand across many different social media platforms.

For example, if somebody’s reading my blog post, I can invite them to check out my photos on Instagram. This way, they can see different curated content that pretty much talk about the same thing. However, I’m able to create in their minds an impression that I’m adding more value to their experience.

When you do media cross pollination, you become more credible in the eyes of people you are trying to impress. They start realizing your expertise. This can then build to such an extent that when they click on a link to go to your blog, they are more likely to join your mailing list. Once they’ve joined your mailing list, you can start making money off them. That’s the key. The key is simple. It’s all about building credibility.

Follow the 4 tips above and make sure you keep in mind the 3 key principles of effective time management and you’ll be sure to maximize the value of whatever time you spend on social media marketing. If you don’t follow these 4 tips, it’s very easy to chase your tail doing social media marketing and have very little to show for.

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