What, if the number of followers or likes decreases over time ?

This normally should not happen. But of course we will send you a new delivery for free. Simply contact our support at contact@social-media-market.net

Attention: For our Instagram Fans we only offer a limited refund policy, because Instagram does a lot of updating. Here we are only able to refill, if the drops happen within 30 days after your purchase. We therefore ask for your understanding.

Are our fans real ?

All our products come from genuine users of social networks. However, many of these users are largely inactive, but this does not diminish the existing advantages or even brings new ones:

  • No decrease of your like or follower amount
  • Faster growth of your fanbase by a high trust, which is generated by the bought fans / likes

Can my account get blocked when I buy followers and likes?

No! You are absolutely safe with us. We only sell genuine (inactive) fans, who do not have the risk of an account blocking. We and our partners have been selling followers for nearly a decade, and we are not aware of a single case where an account has been blocked.

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