How to Get Sponsored on Instagram – Pt. 2

Get sponsored on Instagram

Step #3: Engage with Other Instagram Users who are Sponsored by Your Target Sponsor

This is where things get real. In the first two steps, you’re just basically filling up your Instagram feed with credibility-building content. This content establishes, in no uncertain terms, your niche specialization. For this step, you’re actually going to be engaging with other Instagram users who are already sponsored.

Please understand that when you engage, I’m not talking about telling people that they’ve posted a nice photo. That doesn’t move the ball. Instead, you should actually truly engage with them meaning you ask questions, you call them out, and you challenge them. You have to do this in a respectful way. You don’t want to develop enemies of your brand. You don’t want to come off as an antagonist.

However, you have to stand head and shoulders above everybody else who is just hell-bent on complimenting or flattering them or kissing their behind. You have to stand on your own right as a fully developed personality with your own distinct point of view. This is the way you get respect.

Moreover, when you engage them, and they can see from your photos that you are credible and you do have niche expertise, they are more likely to give you shout-out. They are more likely to refer to you or tag you, and this increases your brand profile on Instagram among your target audience members.

All in all, all these activities tend to elevate the perceived value you would have with your potential sponsors.

Step #4: Maximize Your Perceived Influence with Shout-Outs

Now that you know that you’re engaging with influential Instagram users who are sponsored, take things to the next level by shouting out to other Instagram users who are not already sponsored but who still focus on your niche. This way, you are casting your net very widely, and you’re simply engaging with as many different people in your niche as possible. This increases the likelihood that you would be rewarded with reciprocity.

Put simply, if you give a shout-out to somebody who is interested in your niche, there’s a high likelihood that they would also give you a shout-out. The more shout-outs you get, the more prominent your brand becomes on Instagram. The more people are made aware or put on notice that you are directly interested in a particular range of subjects. In other words, this highlights the likelihood that you are some sort of niche expert.

Step #5: Make It Easy to Reach You

It’s very interesting how a lot of people drop the ball when it comes to actually cashing in on Instagram. They put in all the work to come up with amazing photos. They do a lot of online networking. They rub a lot of digital shoulders. They mix well with the right accounts, but they don’t bring it all home by making it easy for potential sponsors to get a deal with them. In other words, they don’t have a website. They don’t have an e-mail address on their main page.

There has to be a way to reach you because, believe it or not, a lot of big sponsors don’t have the time to do forensics to find out your e-mail address. If your contact information is not obvious, you probably will get off their shortlist and would be forgotten because, unfortunately, this is a buyer’s market. There are a lot more sellers than there are buyers. So make it easy for prospective sponsors to reach you.

Step #6: Start a Blog to Maximize Value for Potential Sponsors

This is where the rubber meets the road. You have to understand that the reason why sponsors are going to be paying you cold hard dollars to champion their brand is because they want you to lend your credibility and brand persona to whatever it is that they’re pushing. Obviously, the more influence you have and the more channels of influence you have at your disposal, the higher your perceived value is in the eyes of these potential sponsors.

Take things to the next level by starting a blog. Now this does not have to be anything extra fancy. You can start a WordPress or BlogSpot blog, and also you don’t have to do any intensive blogging where you have to basically write a novel or a huge block of text for each post.

You can do microblogging. The blog essentially should just be a supplement to the pictures that you’re already be sharing on Instagram. It cements in the minds of potential sponsors that you actually have a voice in their niche, that you have some sort of pool.

Once you are able to demonstrate this through the quality of your blog posts as well as its engagement level, you then have everything lined up for you to take the next step.

Step #7: Reach Out to the Sponsors

Now that you have done your homework as to which Instagram users already being sponsored, the next step is to go to the social media pages of your target sponsors and reach out to them. Don’t get too excited. Please understand that these may be large brands. These may be big multinational corporations and just because you sent them an e-mail doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s somebody at the other end who is going to rush to reply.

In fact, it’s like online dating. For you to get a date, you would have to send possibly two hundred pieces of communication to get maybe five favorable responses and in those five, you have to interact with them, and then one will push through. You should expect the same filtering process as far as your sponsor outreach is concerned.

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