Key Tips to Maximize Your Engagement Rates on Facebook – Pt. 2

more engagement on facebook

Reverse Engineer Content that Gets Tremendous Engagement

On a holistic level, look at the total number of engagement of all your content. We’re not just talking about shares. Count likes, reactions, shares and comments. Add these all up and divide them by the total number of fans of your page. This gives you the engagement score or percentage of that piece of content.

Do this for all your past content. I know this sounds like a pain in the butt, but if you really want to get to the heart of figuring out which of your past content works and which don’t, you need to do this. Once you have scores for all your content, it should be fairly easy to see which pieces got the most engagement.

Again, just like with your sharing strategy in the tip above, come up with different variations of basically the same themes and play around with the picture, the headline, and the main content of your post. Post these and see if you can get better engagement numbers. Discard the ones that don’t work. Focus on the ones that get quite a bit of engagement. Make more of those and keep doing this technique until you can maximize your post’s engagement rate predictably.

The key here is to keep repeating the same level of success. If you hit a home run with one post and the next post completely falls off the map, you’re not achieving much progress. The key is to achieve a sustainable rate of engagement so your reach increases over time.

Use Compelling Photos

If you’re trying to build a solid brand on Facebook, it’s easy to fall between the cracks if you’re using the same graphics as everybody else. You need to use compelling photos or pictures.

Does this mean that you have to hire a photographer to produce custom stuff for you? Not necessarily.

There are all sorts of stock pictures that your competitors are using. Pay attention to what they’re doing and select pictures that are not already tapped out.

In other words, when you post materials to your timeline, you avoid a jaded reaction from your page fans. They won’t take one look and say, “Well, I’ve seen that before.” You know what they’ll think next, right? They would think that since they’ve seen the photo before, chances are you would talk about the same stuff that they’ve seen before, and they’re probably going to ignore your post.

Don’t let this happen. Use pictures that are rarely used by your competitors. Alter the photos so they look very different. You might even want to come up with your own vector graphics or infographics or other compelling pictures that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Make It a Point to Reply to Each and Every Response

People like to be heard. People like to be made to feel that they matter. I know you’re busy but if you want your brand to be taken seriously on Facebook, you need to respond to people every time they leave a comment, or they ask questions.

The key here is to not come up with generic responses. When you’re basically saying the same things over and over again regardless of the questions being posed to you, it would give the impression that you don’t really care. It would give the impression that you just the person commenting or asking a question to simply go away.

That’s not the impression you want to create. Instead, every single question deserves its own customized answer. Make people feel special. Make them feel that they count. The more you do this, the higher the likelihood that they would feel welcome on your page.

In fact, they may feel so welcome that they might turn out to be your biggest evangelists. They might tell people about your page or share your posts more often. This is the key to getting people to emotionally invest in your project.

Make Sure Your Posts are Facebook Specific

One common mistake I notice among many social media marketers is that it’s so obvious they are hitting so many different platforms. It’s quite apparent that the stuff they’re sharing on Google Plus is the exact same stuff they’re posting on Twitter, Pinterest YouTube, you name it. They use a one-size-fits-all strategy. It is no surprise that they fall flat.

Make no mistake about it each and every format has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to play to the strengths of the format that you’re posting on. This is why I highly recommend that when you’re posting on your Facebook page, come up with content that is unique for that page. Your fans can’t get it elsewhere.

Because if they get the impression that once they come into contact with your brand content, they have pretty much come into contact with all your brand content regardless of platform; a lot is lost in translation. They don’t feel special. They don’t feel rewarded for being fans of yours on Facebook.

Keep the tips above in mind if you want to boost your engagement. Engagement is extremely crucial for success on Facebook. Never underestimate engagement. Go out of your way to fine-tune your campaigns and study every single piece of content you post. They contain precious clues as to how to level up your game on Facebook.

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