Key Tips to Maximize Your Engagement Rates on Facebook

more engagement on facebook

With over 1 billion daily users and countless page views, Facebook is obviously the crown jewel of social media marketing. Sure, there is Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube, but if you want to tap into a tremendous pool of potential customers, Facebook has to be part of your social media marketing equation. It is non-negotiable.

Unfortunately, simply putting up a Facebook fan page and expecting tons of free traffic from your posts to your page is a thing of the past. Facebook has changed its algorithm in such a way that the organic reach of Facebook pages has declined over time. In fact, they’re still continuing to sink.

In the good old days, you only just need to pump content to your Facebook page and regardless of the engagement level of that content, you can rest assured that you would get a nice chunk of traffic if you have a big enough following. It really was a numbers game back then. The name of the game was to pump your Facebook page likes so that a certain percentage of your page’s fans would get your content.

As you can tell, there was a lot missing from that equation. It assumed that all the content that you are pushing out are exactly the types of content people liking your page would want to receive. There was just too much to assume and this is the reason why Facebook has been cracking down on pages organic reach by placing more importance on engagement levels.

What is engagement?

Engagement is the total sum of page fans’ action on your posts. This includes their comments, their likes, their reactions and their shares. The name of the game now involves Facebook increasing the reach of your posts only if it passes a certain engagement threshold. If the engagement isn’t there and there are not enough people liking, sharing or commenting on your posts, your post is not going to go anywhere. Engagement is more crucial now than ever on Facebook. You have to find a way to boost engagement so your organic reach can increase.

It’s also obvious why Facebook is doing this. They’re trying to push more page publishers to pay to boost their posts. The commercial agenda is actually quite transparent. Still, there’s really not much we can do as marketers regarding Facebook’s commercial interest. What we can focus on is how we can increase our engagement rates, so we can hang on to a healthy organic reach for our Facebook page content.

Here are some key tips that will help you boost your engagement rates without you paying a dime to Facebook.

Watch Your Timing

Please understand that your audience members are not all going to be on Facebook at the same time. With this said, make sure that you give them something to work on when they are online and engaging with content. This is where insights pay off tremendously.

Study the engagement patterns of your posts. Look at the blocks of time that your posts get the most shares, likes and comments. After you’ve taken note of these, choose to publish on Facebook in advance targeting only these times. See if you experience a nice boost in engagement.

Remember, no one can really engage with your content if they’re not around when you publish it. Moreover, the typical Facebook timeline gets so much content that it’s like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Your posts are just going to get ignored. So, focus on when your audience members are actually engaging with your content and publish at those times.

Share Tried-and-Proven Content

Going through your past posts, pay attention to content that gets shared a lot. Even if there is only a small difference between one piece of content and other posts, pick content that tends to get shared more often than other types of content.

Study this content closely. What kind of themes does it talk about? How did you position the main point of the content? What kind of graphics did you use?

Using this information, come up with different versions of basically the same theme but, of course, talking about different content. They have to be different enough from each other. Post these at the right time and see if you can replicate your best content’s share numbers. If you see an improvement, keep posting more of the same type of content.

Again, they have to be different enough from each other so your page fans don’t think that you’re just posting the same stuff over and over again. The key here is to focus on what works and avoid stuff that falls flat.

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