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Why Should I Buy Facebook Likes ?

For the Internet a great reach means growing success and reputation. In the real world, it is mainly the word-of-mouth propaganda that is successful. For the search engines, this is still the backlinks, for video portals the views. In the big Facebook network, it is the likes. Why that?

They bring several advantages. For this, it is necessary to know what happens by liking at all. You are publishing a contribution to your company. Now this post is visible in the newsfeed of your friends. If the readers like your post, you will get likes. Everything your friends like, see their friends also. Liked now a friend of your friends a FB-contribution from you, is your contribution also in this members Newsfeed visible. Gernerally Facebook members have two options: liking only your post or liking your fanpage.

If your friends are liking your Facebook site, it will become really exciting. Now all the posts you publish on your site will be displayed in the newsfeed of these Facebook members. So with each like, your range increases.
A lot of Facebook users do only like, if you have enought confidence – through a large number of already existing likes!

This is because the most people only like your page, if they guess it is an interesting one. How do the most of these Facebook users determine if a site is good? Exactly – on the present number of likes. So if your site has no likes, it will be very difficult to get the first ones. Even from those people, who quickly and superficially like. If the Facebook users see that a Facebook page has many Likes, they will like the page much faster. After all they act in the following way of thinking:” This page must be interesting, otherwise it would not have so many likes.”

Buy Facebook Likes or Let them Naturally Grow ?

This trust, which is given by likes, continues also, if you have made your Facebook page for marketing reasons. If you want to lead your visitors to a Landing-Page, where you offer products or services. Likes are therefore the ultimate trust currency on Facebook. We have done the following test several times now: we have started Facebook sites on the same topic. On the first one we have tried exclusively to get likes through our friend lists. It took months to get over 100 likes at all.

For the second, identical page, we decided to buy Facebook likes. We started discreetly with 1000 likes. In the same period this site has got about 10 times more likes as the other one. Already on the first day came likes from the friendlist, while just these first likes from the friendlist were a real fight at the first page. Although you can ask friends to like a site, but then they often ask, why they should do this. It is not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable and take the likes back in this case. A like, which was made completely voluntary, will persist permanently.

The conclusion: You can buy Facebook Likes to speed up your success

Other Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes

We have done this test again and again with  pages of different topics. Always it was the same result. If you buy Facebook likes, they will act like a turbo for more organic likes. Because all the other likes from the friendlists come voluntarily and fast, since all the site visitors trust the many likes, which already exist. If they do not see any likes, they are becoming more suspicious and this causes them, rather not to like. By doing so, you must not forget the other advantages that the purchase of likes entails:

  • • The more likes you have, the faster new ones are added
  • • By the increasing number of Facebook likes also search engines are attentive and rank your site better, since it has a wide spread
  • • You have a continually growing spread on Facebook
  • • Your are reaching your company goals (leads, sales, etc.) significantly faster, as the Facebook users have much more confidence in your site

Strategy: Buy Facebook Likes, then switch ads and start with maximum success

Buy the first Facebook likes to bring your business even faster to a new level!
If you want quick success, we offer you the unique opportunity to buy Facebook likes at best prices. Place your order today and see how much faster you can generate valuable organic traffic on Facebook than without our likes and also improve your search engine rankings!

Why Choose Us to Buy Facebook Likes ?


With us you buy Facebook likes that are exclusively high quality. Nearly all of the users, who like you, are real users. The most of them will have a profilepicture and own posts. In addition they are international and english-speaking. So you do not have to worry about other users finding out that you have bought likes, because our service is completely safe.

The prices for our quality likes are great and save money that you can invest in other important things. It has never been so easy and inexpensive to gain credibility on Facebook. Also you will get this money back 10 times more, thought the boost of your company.

If there should be any problem with your bought likes, our customer support will help you! You can contact us for example via E-Mail and you will get an answer within 24 hours. In addition our highest precept are happy customers. So we will always act in your interest!

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