How to set up a time-saving social media workflow Pt. 2

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How to set up a time-saving social media workflow Pt. 2

Tip #2: Automate your site’s social media content sharing with the right plug-ins.

The last thing you’d want is to publish content on your company’s blog and have to manually take the link and publish it on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media platforms. There are certain WordPress plug-ins that would enable you to publish content on your blog, and it would automatically be shared on your blog’s official Facebook wall. This saves up a tremendous amount of time. It also enables you to quickly compile content by simultaneously growing your social media content base in step with the content you’re growing on your official blog.

Invest in well-coded and high-quality plug-ins. There are many plug-ins that say they can do this, but very few actually do a quality job. In fact, in many cases, it would be well worth your money to get this custom coded. The same applies to automatically tweeting whatever blog post appears on your official blog. The key here is to automate publishing to such an extent that when you’re publishing your blog, it automatically gets published on many social media platforms.

You might want to segregate based on content type. For example, if you’re going to be publishing a new video on your blog, it should be automatically published on platforms that favor or do a good job at rendering video. I am of course talking about Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube among many others.

Tip #3: Automate your social media pages’ content marketing on their specific platforms

One of the biggest mistakes social media marketers make is when they just publish content from their blog or official website to their social media pages and leave it at that. I’m telling you, unless you publish really viral content to begin with, people are not going to care. Your stuff is just going to lay there. It’s not going to have an impact on your bottom line. If you want to make full use of the organic traffic social media platforms already have, you need to be more proactive. Use custom tools to share, for example, your Facebook page content on Facebook groups that cater to that type of content.

In this way, you are distributing to other places on those platforms where interested people already hang out. The more targeted eyeballs your content gets, the bigger your brand becomes and the more likely people would share your content on their own. Your content is not going to go viral unless you have an initial distribution plan. This must be people who are interested in the content that you offer.

Tip #4: Compile niche-specific hashtags and influencers.

Before you even post stuff on Twitter, make sure that you have done your research in advance. There are many hashtags that are specific to certain niches. If these fit your niches, plug them into your automated tweets. Similarly, there are influential accounts on Facebook that observe or are active in certain niches. Find their account names and plug them into your auto-tweets. If you play your cards right, these influence leaders would not only love to read your content but also retweet it. This can go a long way in helping your brand on Twitter.

Tip #5: Compile influencers on Facebook and tag them.

This uses a similar strategy to tip #4 above. The only difference is that you’re using tags and you’re on Facebook. Basically, you create a long list of fan pages that cover the same niche as you. Make sure that these are pages that routinely share other pages’ contents. Also, make sure that they have enough likes. It doesn’t really make sense for you to tag Facebook pages that only have a few hundred likes. You need to maximize your return on efforts. You need to tag Facebook pages that have at least 5,000 to 10,000 likes. Once you’ve done that, include a tag in the content you post on your Facebook fan page’s wall. This can have a viral effect.

Use the five tips above not only to save time on social media marketing but also preserve your focus. You only have 8 hours in the day, so you need to make that time count. By following these tips, you become a much more efficient and effective marketer.

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