How To Skyrocket Youtube Video Rankings Pt. 1

How to skyrocket youtube rankings

How To Skyrocket Youtube Video Rankings Pt. 1

Youtube has gained a lot of attention from online marketers for quite some time now, and the reason should be obvious. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know that Google has made it very difficult for people to rank their pages and websites on their search results. Starting with Google Panda, proceeding to Google Penguin, and then moving on to Rankbrain, Google has put the screws on quick, easy and dirty ways to rank in its rankings. While it’s still possible, it’s becoming harder and harder.

However, there seems to be one weak spot in Google’s anti-spam armor: Youtube. When you type in a search term, chances are there would be an image result and a video result. Sensing a golden opportunity, a lot of marketers have started optimizing specially-made videos so they can still get top ranking on Google. They might not rank their article or product page at the top spot, but if their video gets top billing, they would have an opportunity to direct that traffic from their Youtube video page to their target website.

Unfortunately, just like any other trend that gets big on the internet, popularity spoils the fun. It seems like everybody and their dog is trying to rank for video rankings and as a result, Youtube has cracked down. It’s become harder to rank Youtube videos. Back in the day, you would just need to find a keyword that doesn’t have much competition and you can pretty much be guaranteed of a top Youtube ranking. Not anymore. If you want to optimize your Youtube video for maximum visibility, follow the steps below.

Pick the right category

The first thing you need to do to ensure that your video ranks well on Youtube using certain keywords is to pick the right category. This is very hard to do if you’re just going to do it on your own. For example, if you are in a niche that is very hard to categorize, you’re essentially left taking shots in the dark and hoping that your guess is the right one.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do that. Generally speaking, unless you’re dealing with a very new niche, you only need to look at what your competitors are doing. Find their videos. Try to figure out their category and use that category. At the very least, this reverse engineering technique gives you a place to start. It may not be the most optimized place, but at least if you have a place to start, you can fine tune it later on.

Make sure your videos are at least five minutes in length

One of the most common ways people spam Youtube is to create slideshow videos made of nothing more than images of products lifted from the internet. They would stuff all these images in a video and then put a call to action, like “visit joe’s”. Maybe they would show the message every 30 seconds or use it as a watermark. As you can well imagine, such websites have very little value. What these videos have in common, however, is that they tend to be very short. Soon enough, Google stopped ranking these. It turns out that the penalty against these websites is not necessarily because of their content, but their length. To make sure that your video has a good chance of being ranked high, make sure your video is at least five minutes in length. That’s a good rule of thumb as far as video size is concerned.

Edit or compose your video to keep your audience’s attention

Youtube now uses an algorithm that looks at actual views and user behavior when ranking videos. Ideally, they look for a video that people would open and watch all the way through. This gives them a rough idea as to the comparative value of the video or its quality. After all, if you’re watching a video made up of a slideshow of products with no information, chances are after half a second, you would close the window. You would be so disgusted and angry. On the other hand, if you watch a video all the way through, chances are you really like the content.

Accordingly, you need to produce videos that keep your audience’s attention. An easy way to do this is to compose your video in segments. Each segment must have a cliff-hanger. It has to have a built-in mini-episode. You should also inform within the video that there is other stuff that’s going on, that they should wait until the ending, or the ending should refer to stuff that happened before. This ensures that people will stick around.

It doesn’t always work because you have to execute this based on the niche preferences of your audience. However, given enough practice, you should get so good that you will be able to keep people’s attention long enough.

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