How To Skyrocket Youtube Video Rankings Pt. 2

How to skyrocket youtube rankings

How To Skyrocket Youtube Video Rankings Pt. 2

Mention your SEO target keyword in the actual video

For the longest time, Youtube would rank your video as long as you use certain keywords in the description, the title, the file name, as well as the category of the video. People abused this, so now Youtube pays attention to whether the keyword that the video is trying to rank for is actually mentioned in the video itself. You may be thinking to yourself, “How can Youtube do this?” Youtube has auto transcription capability. It can take spoken English and automatically convert it into text. The text is then fed into the ranking algorithm of Youtube so they can see whether the keywords associated with the video are actually mentioned in the video itself.

Use SEO target keywords and file them in the description

This tip is so obvious that it probably doesn’t need an explanation. If you’re targeting certain keywords so your video would rank higher on search results, at the very least, make sure to mention it in the file name, in the description, as well as the title of your video.

Describe the video to increase its appeal

I wish I could tell you that you only need to target the right keywords and mention the right keywords in the video so you will rank. Even if your video is pretty decent, you’re still not out of the woods. People will still have to watch your video so Youtube can rank you well. Unfortunately, it creates a chicken or egg problem. If you have a very bland description, people would not be encouraged to click on the play button. This may reduce your rank. If people don’t see your video, then there’s nobody there to play the video so your ranking can increase. The problem gets worse and worse. Do you see the issue?

Do yourself a big favor and describe the video in a way that appeals to real, flesh-and-blood human beings. Don’t just stuff keywords. Don’t just try to appease Google’s software. Speak to the needs of the people you’re trying to reach. This is how you get people to view the video.

Call people to action to comment and like the video

Within the video itself, don’t take anything for granted. Call people to action. Tell them to subscribe to your channel, comment below, click the like button, as well as share your video on social media. While only a small fraction of people take you up on your offer, if you reach enough people, this could translate to a large base of people. Don’t neglect to call people to action. It’s like leaving money on the table.

Make no mistake about it. One of the best ways to get traffic from Google currently is through Youtube. Optimize your Youtube video rankings by following the tips above so you can get a competitive advantage. It’s getting harder and harder to rank on Google. You need to use every trick in the book to get ahead, and optimizing your Youtube videos to improve rankings is definitely one of those tricks.

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