The Five Key Advantages of Bought Followers and Likes – Pt. 1

Why you should buy followers and likes

The Five Key Advantages of Bought Followers and Likes – Pt. 1

You probably heard of a lot of people say that you shouldn’t buy followers and likes. Indeed, you don’t have to search far and wide to find any social media marketing guide that criticizes such practices. Unfortunately for them, they are looking at issue in a very short-sighted way. They don’t see the big picture.

You have to understand that follower count and any other indication of social media popularity functions as social proof. Social proof is crucial to certain interactions that can take your business to the next level of success. You have to understand, with everything else being equal, if you approach a company and have absolutely no social proof or any preexisting indication of competence and quality, people probably are not going to waste their time on you. They’re going to tell you to go away.

You have to understand that time is a luxury for far too many people. They just don’t have the time, resources and focus to do necessary research. Accordingly, they would need some sort of external indicator that would let them know whether they can trust you or not. At the very least, they can use this information to decide whether they can invest their time listening to what you have to say.

Make no mistake about it. Social proof can open a lot of doors for you. When you buy followers and likes on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you get social proof. You get instant social appeal. The people who have a tough time accepting the value of bought followers or who criticize such practices do so because of a faulty assumption.

They are negative on paying for followers and likes because they assume that you’ll be sharing substandard or all too forgettable content on Facebook or Twitter. They think that you’re just a spammer basically. Assuming that you do have high-quality content and you have invested the right amount of time, effort and resources in producing content that could go viral in your niche, then followers and likes will help regardless of whether you bought them or not.

How do you ensure that you are going to be sharing quality content? Actually, it’s quite easy. Find your biggest competitors on Facebook and look at the content they’re sharing. Study the popularity of their content. Do these pieces of content get a lot of clicks? Do they get shared a lot? If so, focus on those, disregard the rest.

If you do this thoroughly enough, you would have a nice list of content types that are almost guaranteed to go viral in your niche on Facebook. Using this information, you come up with your own version of that content. The idea is since this content is similar enough to stuff that has already gone viral, the chances of this content becoming popular is quite high. Once you have quality content, you can then take full advantage of the benefits brought to the table by buying followers and likes for your Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts.

Here are just five of the key advantages of buying followers and likes:

Advantage #1: You get social proof for Facebook previews for niche-related pages

If you haven’t been promoting your Facebook page, you probably would notice something interesting. Even if you haven’t lifted a finger to promote your Facebook page, it turns out that people are finding you and liking your page with absolutely no effort on your part. How is this possible?

Facebook actually has a page discovery system where a person who just liked a page related to your page will see your page being suggested by Facebook. This happens automatically. This probably has happened to you if you have liked a page only to see related pages being recommended.

For example, if you’re a big fan of Russian Blue cats, you can do a search for Russian Blue cat pages on Facebook. Once you have joined one page, Facebook might recommend other pages that are similar to that page you just joined. Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook recommended your page and people clicked the like icon?

There’s a higher likelihood of that happening if people previewed your page by hovering over your page name to see the number of likes or fans you already have. This impacts them on a subconscious level. In the back of their minds, they’re thinking “If thousands of people have already liked this page then this page might not be that bad. There might be something interesting about this page. It would not hurt to follow this page.” Do you see how this works?

That’s how people think subconsciously. When you ask them, they probably would give you a nice-sounding answer and they would tell you that popularity doesn’t matter. All they care about is quality. Sure, everybody can say that. But subconsciously, people are looking for some sort of social proof because they don’t want to be the first person to try their luck on a certain page only to find out that it sucks.

Advantage #2: You get social proof for page promotions through comments or other pages

One of the most common ways to promote a page on Facebook is to go to other similar pages or pages that target the same niches and comment on their content. If you picked the right pages, they’re probably not going to be policed all that much. They’re not going to be moderated, so you don’t have to worry about the owner or moderator of the page blocking you or otherwise hiding your comments.

In the situations where your comments show, people can see the name of your page. But that’s not good enough. They might hover with their mouse cursor over your name. That’s when they will see a little bit more details about your page and, of course, they will see the number of likes your page already has.

Again, the same subconscious decision-making process outlined in Advantage #1 above plays out. They see the number of likes and they’re more likely to think you’re legit because you have enough followers. This increases the likelihood that they would follow you or like your page.

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