The Five Key Advantages of Bought Followers and Likes – Pt. 2

Why you should buy followers and likes

The Five Key Advantages of Bought Followers and Likes – Pt. 2

Advantage #3: Increased urgency

This advantage actually plays out in your own personal psychology. Basically, a lot of people who create Facebook pages think that as long as they build a page, somebody will show up somehow someway at some point in time. But that’s too much of an assumption to make.

You have to understand that people are busy. They have other better things to do than to go to your page. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a sense of urgency or hanging on to as many people as you can from the first time around, chances are your page is not really going to be all that visible. You may post updates all the time but since Facebook’s algorithm works a certain way, very few people will see your posts.

The way to override this is to develop the sense of urgency of messaging your Facebook page fans to select the following option where they can see your updates first.

Advantage #4: You can contact other similar niche pages for cross-posting promotions with confidence

One of the most effective ways to get highly targeted users for a Facebook page is to go to other Facebook pages targeting the same niche and engage in cross-posting. Put simply, they would post some of your content and you will post some of theirs.

When you do this, there would be a like button appearing for their page on your page and vice versa. This is how their existing fans can click the like icon and become fans of your page and vice versa. Make no mistake about it, a lot of page administrators are very busy and they would not give you the time of day if you don’t have a large number of existing followers. You just don’t have the numbers they’re interested in. They’re more likely to dismiss you outright. They’ll tell you, “Even if I post your content, you will end up benefiting more from me because I have way more followers than you.”

For example, if you approach a page that has 300 thousand likes and you only have 500 likes, good luck getting a response. Now, if you bought followers and likes and your page looks like it has 100 thousand or 200 thousand followers, you can bet potential cross-posting partners would take you more seriously.

A high follower and like count also makes your page look more established and legit. People don’t get the impression that you just started yesterday. They don’t get the impression that you’re wet behind the ears and are just feeling your way around.

Advantage #5: You get social proof with your other marketing

This is the biggest benefit as far as I’m concerned. When you have a fan page that seems to be popular as measured by the number of fans and likes it has, you can use it as a reference point for your other marketing activities.

For example, if you’re engaged in SEO outreach so people can link to your site, please understand that people would ask you “Who are you? Why should I trust you? Why should I care about what you’re doing?” Well, when you tell them that you are a recognized authority on a certain niche and as proof of that, you have this page with tons of followers, people can’t help but sit up and pay attention to you. All of a sudden, you’re legit. All of a sudden, you’re worth listening to.

This also applies to asking for guest post opportunities, requesting interviews, so on down the line. Whether you’re doing SEO, other types of social media marketing, or simply trying to build a brand across many different channels, buying followers to establish a perception of credibility and authority beforehand can definitely go a long way.

The five key advantages I listed above are just five of a long list of many strategic advantages. The bottom line is when you buy followers and likes for your social media accounts, you get real tangible benefits. These numbers are not just for bragging rights. They actually have a solid impact on your bottom line if you play your cards right.

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