Top 5 mistakes to avoid on Instagram Pt. 1

Mistakes to avoid on Instagram - Picture from @Freepik

Top 5 mistakes to avoid on Instagram Pt. 1

Instagram is a very powerful platform. In fact, a lot of major brands the world over are flocking to Instagram because it’s a great place to get noticed. Don’t get too excited. Unlike Pinterest, people can’t click on photos to end up on your website. Instagram doesn’t work that way. Instagram really boils down to influence and brand building. When people see that you post content that is related to a niche or subject matter category that they’re interested in, they would want to know more. So, what they do is click on your user profile and from there, they can click on to your website.

At the very least, they have to take two steps to get to where you need them to be. Make no mistake about it, Instagram is not some sort of magical traffic generation tool regardless of what many promoters tell you. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to drop the ball on Instagram. A lot of people can see the promise of this app-based photo and video sharing platform but they get so excited that they unconsciously commit certain mistakes that pretty much doom their marketing campaign.

If you’re investing any kind of time or money trying to market on Instagram, you need to safeguard the value of your investment. Avoid the following mistakes and you can be well on your way to getting top-notch results from Instagram. There are no two ways about it. Instagram can pay off. You just have to use it the right way.

Mistake #1: Follow and engage accounts just because they have a high follower count

Believe it or not, there are a lot of otherwise intelligent marketers out there who are under the impression that “The more, the merrier.” is the golden rule of social media marketing. They are all about volume. In their minds, if the numbers are big enough, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re reaching targeted eyeballs. What’s important is that your message gets out to as many different people as possible. At the back of their mind, they are shooting for conversions. They know that the conversion ratio is very low, but by increasing the base number they are working with, they can hopefully still turn it into a big payday even with their measly conversion rate.

While there is a lot of truth to that calculation, the problem is that if you follow accounts that have very high follower numbers that are unrelated to your niche, you’d end up diffusing your branding message. You may also end up overpaying for shoutouts and mentions. Ultimately, your message can fall between the cracks. If you’re unfortunate enough to engage with a high volume account that routinely sends out messages that are off-niche, that Instagram celebrity’s fans would probably have been trained beforehand to filter out your message. They know that this person sends out irrelevant stuff, so in their minds, they’re going to tune out any irrelevant shoutouts.

You see how this works? Don’t focus on high follower counts. They don’t help. It’s much better to find accounts that have a lower follower count but are directly related to and highly interested in your targeted niche.

Mistake #2: Spam irrelevant tags

On your Instagram account, if you post pictures using tags that are obviously unrelated to the pictures’ niche, you would eventually attract a wide range of people who will automatically bounce out of your account. They are not going to follow you. They’re not going to like your specific account. They might not even like your pictures because they may be looking for something that’s targeted, but you would lead them to a collection that is just garbage.

By spamming irrelevant account, you might do irreparable harm to your brand. You worked hard for your brand. You invested quite a bit of time, effort and attention to detail to it. Don’t jeopardize that by getting greedy and trying to get traffic by all means necessary. That kind of desperate traffic grab is just going to blow up in your face. Just like with mistake number 1 above, it’s much better to go with a smaller group as long as it’s much more targeted. This increases your conversion rates. It also preserves your brand focus.

Mistake #3: Share too many photos with superimposed text on them

Make no mistake about it. If you are sharing photos with a lot of text on them, your material is going to look very spammy. Unless you’re sharing photos that your visitors expect to have some sort of text, it would easily appear that you just set up an account to market to your followers. While this may be true, you have to at least give them the content that they came for. Try to post content that has superimposed text every once in a while. Don’t do this every day. Don’t do this on every other picture. If you do so, your account is going to develop a reputation for being spammy. A lot of your potential fans might think that following you might not be worth the bother because it’s too much of a hassle having to filter through the spam.

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