Top 5 mistakes to avoid on Instagram Pt. 2

Mistakes to avoid on Instagram - Picture from @Freepik

Top 5 mistakes to avoid on Instagram Pt. 2

Mistake #4: Post off-niche and off-topic photos and videos

This is a big one. If your account is all about Chihuahua dogs, stick to that breed of dog. Don’t post Dalmatians. Definitely don’t post cats, cars, pictures of money or women. Focus on your niche. You have to understand that this is crucial to maintaining brand focus. You’re trying to create a situation where people can safely expect to get the high-quality content of a certain type shot according to certain standards from you.

If you are able to create that positive association in the minds of the people who encounter your photos, you will probably get a lot more followers. You also would probably get a loyal following because they know at the back of their minds that you are not going to let them down. You are always going to deliver precisely the kind of content they came for.

You have to understand that your Instagram account establishes a relationship with people who follow you. There’s an unstated promise in the background wherein you guarantee at some level or another that they are going to get a certain experience when checking out your content. If you approach your photo and video selection from this perspective, you’ll go a long way in building a solid brand that you can bank on. Otherwise, your brand is going to be indistinguishable from a lot of other accounts on Instagram, which pretty much publish all sorts of random junk.

Keep in mind that this advice doesn’t apply if your brand is your persona. For example, if you’re a tastemaker and don’t really have a target niche, if you’re just out to promote yourself and your name, then posting all sorts of random photos and videos is okay. But if you are, for example, a cat fancier who wants to present yourself as a world authority or an internet celebrity who is all about cats, then you need to stay on topic.

Mistake #5: Post photos with no brand-building text descriptions or weak texts

Make no mistake about it. At some level or another, people are sheep; seriously. There, I said it. People need directions. They need to be guided. They need to be given some sort of clue as to how to react to the content that you share. If you make it a habit to post photo after photo on Instagram with absolutely no text descriptions, you’re not giving your visitors or possible brand fans the guidance they need to develop a certain impression. They might end up thinking that you’re just another generic account, who is just an occasional source of good pictures every now and then.

That’s not the impression you want to create on people’s minds. You want to be a solid brand. You want to be a content expert, but this is almost impossible without brand-building text descriptions. Show off in your text descriptions. Let the person reading know that you really know your stuff. Let your personality shine out. Don’t be lazy.

If you want your Instagram marketing campaigns to be successful, you need to take extra steps to ensure the results that you’re looking for. At the very least, you need to avoid the five mistakes I’ve laid out above. Otherwise, whatever time or money you’ve invested in Instagram would easily go up in smoke.

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